How it works


How we increase your conversion
and save you time

Multiple Datasources

By aggregating multiple data sources we’re
creating synergy between them to deliver the
best possible leads.

Pro-active Lead Discovery

We’re shifting the lead discovery process by 180
degrees by bringing you interested leads instead
of you spending huge amounts of time prospecting.

Validated Email addresses

We validate the email address beforehand.
So you know your emails will
be delivered.

Finding the Decision Maker

Skip the receptionist.
We find the decision maker and supply you with the all the
relevant contact details.

The Best Software Tools

The data is as good as the tools that you use.
By providing you with premium grade software to
reach out to any lead or prospect,
you’ll get the highest possible conversion.

Experienced Sales Consultants

You won’t sell if you don’t tell your story well.
We help you set up the best possible outreach
campaign based on best practices.

Salestack helped us obtain a 25% growth in the last 6 months by delivering best in class data in our targetgroup
Joep Backx - Winfactor

Unique Plans that increase
conversion and save you time

We offer unique plans for that match your business to help
you increase your sales conversion and save you more time.
So you can focus on what matters: running your business.

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